Upon completion of graduation requirements, graduates are awarded a school diploma and an application for the Virginia State Board examination. The current fee for the State Board exam is $185.00 including both theory and practical. Virginia State Board Examination can be taken in two parts, Theory $92.00 and Practical $93.00.

Passing Candidates: Once you have passed both exams you will be able to print and send in your license application to DPOR. Upon passing both exams complete the following steps.

Step 1: Log into your account at www.pcshq.com

Step 2: Confirm your mailing address

Step 3: Click "Print ApplicationĀ"

Step 4: Mail application and payment of $105.00 to DPOR at the address on the form with any additional documentation required (address and payment information found on the application)

Note: Application and payment must be received and processed by DPOR in order to receive your license

Failing Candidates: Failing of theory and/or practical examinations you must reapply with Professional Credential Services,Inc. at www.pcshq.com.

Temporary permits can be issued once and are only valid for 45 days following the date of your practical examination. Temporary permits are used for cosmetology employment purposes.

For more information on temporary permits visit www.dpor.virginia.gov.