Cosmetology Program and Certification

Cosmetology Program:

The 1500-clock hour Cosmetology program leads to a diploma which is used to verify training and experience. The Cosmetology program ranges from 40 to 50 weeks. Time frame for completion ranges from a minimum of 10 months to a maximum of 12 months.

The Cosmetology program’s outlines and daily lesson plans ensure that all subjects are taught in the correct sequence with a proper balance devoted to theory and practical instruction. Courses are designed to help students develop desirable work habits, attitudes, safety practices and awareness of professional responsibilities. In order to provide students with a working knowledge of current cosmetology practices, each course will be evaluated periodically.

The program levels are determined by the number of weeks in training and achievement. Program levels are broken down into basic, intermediate and senior.

Basic- level is designed to cover the fundamentals of Cosmetology beginning with early history, professional image and vocabulary. Basic level continues on to cover infection control and properties of hair and scalp. Basic level also introduces principles of hair design, scalp care, shampooing and conditioning. Basic level concludes with training in hair coloring, hairstyling, facial manipulation and hair removal. In order to transition into intermediate level a final examination must be successfully passed.

Intermediate- level is for those who successfully complete basic. Intermediate level introduces life skills and communication, chemistry, haircutting, braiding and braid extension. Intermediate level also covers wigs, hair enhancement, chemical texture service, manicures and pedicures. Within the duration of Intermediate level students are responsible for recruiting two or more clients to provide them with three out the following four services: chemical (relaxer or color), blow-dry and haircut. . In order to transition into senior level a final examination must be successfully passed.

***Basic and Intermediate level theory class schedule is Tuesday thru Saturday.

Senior- level is for those who successfully complete both basic and intermediate level. Senior level begins with education on general anatomy and physiology, electricity, make-up and employment. Senior level advances on to skin growth and nutrition, nail and skin disorders/ diseases. Senior level students are permitted to perform services on salon’s live clientele under licensed cosmetology instructor supervision. Senior level students are also required to complete a mock state board between 900-1500 hours which is in combination with completing the senior final examination.

***Senior level theory class schedule is Tuesday thruThursday from 9-10a.m.

All students graduating from Suffolk Beauty Academy should successful complete the following:

Maintain satisfactory progress according to school policies 70% practical and written evaluations and 67% attendance.
Successfully complete the required number of 1500 clock hours, theory and practical performances and evaluations.
Pass the schools final exam theory and practical with a grade of 75%.
Satisfy all financial obligations to the school.

Cosmetology Class Schedules:

9:00am-5:00pm (Full Time)
9:00am-3:30pm (Part Time)
Full and Part-time Cosmetology Schedules are held Tuesday thru Saturday. Saturdays are Mandatory.
Attendance is recorded daily by downloading the time clock to student account. Students are responsible to clock in and out upon arrival and departure including lunch breaks. Failure to clock in and out can result in loss of credit and/or suspension. Students are not permitted to clock in and out for anyone other than themselves. Violation of the time clock may result in suspension or expulsion.


Upon completion of graduation requirements, graduates are awarded a school diploma and an application for the Virginia State Board examination. The current fee for the State Board exam is $185.00 including both theory and practical. Virginia State Board Examination can be taken in two parts, Theory $92.00 and Practical $93.00.

Passing Candidates: Once you have passed both exams you will be able to print and send in your license application to DPOR. Upon passing both exams complete the following steps.

Step 1: Log into your account at
Step 2: Confirm your mailing address
Step 3: Click "Print ApplicationĀ"
Step 4: Mail application and payment of $105.00 to DPOR at the address on the form with any additional documentation required (address and payment information found on the application)
Note: Application and payment must be received and processed by DPOR in order to receive your license

Failing Candidates:Failing of theory and/or practical examinations you must reapply with Professional Credential Services,Inc. at

Temporary permits can be issued once and are only valid for 45 days following the date of your practical examination. Temporary permits are used for cosmetology employment purposes.
For more information on temporary permits visit